Struct snowcap::netsim::config::Config[][src]

pub struct Config { /* fields omitted */ }
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Network Configuration

This struct represents the configuration of a network. It is made up of several unordered ConfigExpr. Two configurations can be compared by computing the difference, which returns a ConfigPatch.

In comparison to the Patch, a Config struct is unordered, which means that it just represents the configuration, but not the way how it got there.

The Config struct contains only “unique” ConfigExpr. This means, that a config cannot have a expression to set a specific link weight to 1, and another expression setting the same link to 2.0.


Create an empty configuration

Add a single configuration expression. This fails if a similar expression already exists.

Apply a single ConfigModifier to the configuration, updating the Config struct. This function checks if the modifier can be applied. If the modifier inserts an already existing expression, or if the modifier removes or updates a non-existing expression, the function will return an error, and the Config struct will remain untouched.

For Modifiers of type ConfigModifier::Update, the first from expression does not exactly need to match the existing config expression. It just needs to have the same ConfigExprKey as the already existing expression. Also, both expressions in ConfigModifier::Update must produce the same ConfigExprKey.

Apply a patch on the current configuration. self will be updated to reflect all chages in the patch. The function will return an error if the patch cannot be applied. If an error occurs, the config will remain untouched.

returns a ConfigPatch containing the difference between self and other When the patch is applied on self, it will be the same as other.

Returns the number of config expressions in the config.

Returns true if the config is empty

Returns an iterator over all expressions in the configuration.

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